Shock: TPU - foaming materials ETPU a darling of The Times

by:BEF     2020-07-16
Origin: TPU foaming materials from 2013 & hellip; … The world famous sports brand ADIDAS in 2013 opened up another revolution running, Energy Boost birth makes shoes and got a new breakthrough of science and technology, the concept of structural damping again mentioned a certain height. Adidas, said senior director of Gerd Manz global brand innovation & other; Basf's new foam microspheres Infinergy another advantage: it is light, and can in larger temperature range of elasticity. Even under 20 ℃ below zero temperatures, foaming microspheres can ensure Energy Boost sustaining superior performance. Ice and snow, and 30 ℃ in the summer, running experience. ” The following are some of the net friend evaluation experience: Boost technology in just launched it is considered to be a revolutionary technology, that can change the existing running shoes ability by changing the TPU high resilience foam particles obtained from restructuring than traditional EVA foam material more flexibility and toughness, runners unprecedented energy feedback. So, what is the TPU foaming material? TPU name for thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber. Mainly divided into polyester type and polyether type, its wide hardness range ( 60HA- 85HD) , abrasion resistant, oil resistant, transparency, good elasticity, the daily necessities, sports goods, toys, decorative materials, and other fields is widely used, halogen free flame retardant TPU can instead of soft PVC to meet the requirements of environmental protection in the field of more and more. It by changing the TPU high rebound foam particles obtained from restructuring is the TPU foaming material. Yes, adidas boost series is the use of TPU foam material as the shoe bottom made of material. Each and every one in the bottom, adidas need about 2500 of these beads. In order to put them into the shape of the ideal, they are treated with hot steam, in this process, the outermost layer of the beads will melt a little, they combined into a stable shape. Internal chamber structure is still not affected by this process. Who brings the TPU foaming material? 结果是世界 第一个扩展热塑性聚氨酯( E- TPU) 。 BASF launched the world's first foaming TPU application in adidas. Basf in June 25, 2013, held at its headquarters in Hong Kong for two days of media events on the public brand for Infinergy TPU bubble, bubble which has been successfully applied in the early 2013 adidas EnergyBoost issued new sneakers. According to the basf's research and development experts, Frank, 'said Dr Prissok & other; E- TPU is made from starting materials TPU particles foaming. After compression heat pretreatment, volume of oval microspheres containing micro airtight bubble will increase 10 times. These airtight bubble can give foaming microspheres with excellent flexibility and rebound effect of need. Each foam microspheres can be seen as a small football, they contain air, the more the better elasticity and resilience. ”
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