Share a little knowledge of MD sole

by:BEF     2020-06-26

today, with everyone together to learn about the MD sole, it makes a preliminary understanding.

MD sole means slow running shoes in the bottom. Nike is by aldehyde Polyester amino synthetic rubber, work and shock absorption and prevent slippery effect of cushion. Now, many trainers are using the sole of the material, especially the basketball shoes. Usually, this kind of material in the center of the sole, so called 'bottom'. Similar material similar to EVA, wear resistance is stronger than the MD, but heavier.

I think a lot of people do not know now shoes insoles, that is to say, the Phylon and EVA insoles are the most common. In fact, both of which belong to the same attribute category ( Engineering plastics class) There is difference, but why call? Phylon originated in the United States. Early insole is called the Phylon. There is no difference between EVA and Phylon. Later, with the continuous development of footwear products to Taiwan and South Korea factory to source some major brands of r&d, we divide the name of insoles for more system name. Now we have what we call the EVA insole. Let me talk about the difference between EVA in the middle of the bottom and the bottom of the PHYLON. At present, the most commonly used insoles in the shoe is Phylon, it has light weight, good elasticity, good buffer performance. Phylon is called the secondary foam. The EVA bottom also is very light. MD sole of shoes are more comfortable to wear, very fast, but I don't wear, this is also its drawbacks.

above is for everyone to share, if you have any other question about the soles, can feel free to contact us.

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