Several common anti cut cloth fabrics have?

by:BEF     2020-07-23
We can saying is said not to fight, they say can begin, don't noisy noisy, this is the differences of opinions, but also become the violence frequency ignition point, so the life safety of the security officers are also facing increasingly severe challenges. China's strict control of guns cause crime cannot be easily obtained, turn to the cutting tool knife crime as its main tool. Especially now sharp tool is easy to buy, security officers must always alert to the danger of sharp tools. Because of this, the security guy in the process, with the criminal fights to protect their own important parts from bayonet, knives and other sharp objects, so the extra layer of security personnel to wear protective gear performance is very important. Puncture-proof take necessary protective equipment for officers, are generally composed of puncture-proof chips and coat, which is the main purpose of puncture-proof chip in the dagger was put to the wearer, the bayonet sharps can part of energy consumption, to prevent sharp Pierce, to ensure life safety in wearing personnel. Existing extra suit can be divided into hard against cutting cloth, hard and soft and soft cutting cloth, cut cloth among them, the hard core of extra clothing materials such as metal hard substrate, although the extra performance is excellent, but its weight and rigidity of great influence to human activities and comfort is poor, lap and board process requirement is high, the processing cost is high, and such extra clothing in general heavier weight, usually greater than 3. 5公斤; Hard and soft puncture-proof clothing mainly use metal and high-performance fiber as a composite material, in order to reach the purpose of passivating cutting tool, has good flexibility and comfort, but its technology is complex, low production efficiency, high manufacturing costs; Soft puncture-proof clothing mainly with high performance of chemical fiber fabrics such as ultra-high molecular modulus polyethylene fiber as the core material, at present mainly adopts multilayer superposition of high-performance fiber, usually reach forty or fifty layer thickness, wear is not flexible, wet and heat transfer performance is poor, easy to make the person produces physical fatigue, serious when may produce heat and temperature had higher risk, in such aspects as wearing comfort still has greatly improved space. Currently on the market often cut cloth fabric is more than the several prevention, which one do you think is better?
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