Seven factors affecting use labor protection articles

by:BEF     2020-11-29
The use of labor insurance supplies have specific deadline, but if carried out in accordance with the corresponding requirement to use and maintenance, labor insurance supplies can indeed prolong service life. What are the factors in the daily work will affect the wear life of appliances for labor protection? Below is the use of labor insurance supplies staff according to their own years of experience, summed up the impact of the seven factors of labor protection articles use: ( 1) Use term labor protection articles users must do it whenever a hazard, labor protection articles are wearing, so the wearer's acceptance is very important. No matter what the reason, a kind of goods can't be accepted, people would not like to wear it, so as to affect the ability to perform the job, attention and effort. ( 2) Management commitment is this in any security program are some must terms, especially the more need for individual labor protection articles, because this is the last line of defense to prevent the harm. Any workers did not comply with the requirement to wear individual protective equipment of events can cause the dispute of labor relations and policy. ( 3) Wear appropriate to ensure complete protection, fit is a must. Some individual protective equipment for the design and size of limited within a certain range. Its face different RACES have differences. For example, in view of the Caucasian mask design, black in the face is not appropriate. For individual protective equipment itself, used to wear regulating scope is limited. ( 4) Always clean, check and maintenance, maintenance of the status of labor protection articles that can be used in. ( 5) Training users and the director must know its use restrictions, the correct method of use, the right way to wear, and the necessary maintenance method. To meet the need of protection standards, such knowledge is a must. ( 6) Comfortable and comfortable even though is a subjective indicators, however, to the user can usually have a consistent feelings and views. ( 7) Relationship in the work environment is taken into account, to wear the individual labor protection articles from the practical problems. For work in the complicated work environment of the workers should be according to the type of work wear suits own labor insurance shoes, not a single in the same labor insurance shoes, on the choice according to their own actual situation, as in the environment of building pile of miscellaneous wear and puncture-proof safety shoes, in a environment with high altitude falling weight to wear on safety shoes, in a environment with electrostatic measures to prevent wear antistatic safety shoes, and so on, this kind of problem can be solved through the correct choice of labor insurance supplies. However, when choosing a single individual protective equipment, need to have a comprehensive consideration, this can make the choice that combination of individual protective equipment. For example, a pair of safety shoes can prevent hit prevent puncture can also anti-static high temperature resistant, etc. , this is for the workers to choose multi-function safety shoes for protection.
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