Selection of high temperature labor insurance shoes protection

by:BEF     2020-12-07
Labor insurance supplies labor insurance shoes protection means for high temperature wear in work sites and personnel, in order to protect your feet in thermal radiation, molten metal spark or spray splashing and on the heat content ( Generally refers to is not higher than 300 degrees Celsius) Action for a period of time and special protective shoes from harm. Labor insurance supplies labor insurance shoes protection used in smelting, casting, metal hot working, coking, industrial furnaces and other places of high temperature operation. High temperature labor insurance supplies labor insurance shoes protective shoes outsole high-temperature performance refers to the outsole soles contact with a hot surface temperature and under a certain pressure, in a short period of time does not appear to soften appearance, melting, cracking and other phenomenon. The high temperature protective shoes ( LD32 - 1992). For different high temperature work place, considering the different levels to the leg protection requirement, will be divided into high temperature protective shoe boots ( Type A) With high waist, B) Two kinds. The former used for molten metal sparks and spatter spray damage sites, the latter were used for molten metal sparks and spatter spray damage sites and generally high temperature work place. Labor insurance supplies high temperature when using and saving labor insurance shoes protection, labor insurance supplies high labor insurance shoes protection should decrease as far as possible contact with water, fire, prevent contact is higher than 80 degrees high temperature object, labor insurance supplies, after high temperature protective shoes in Chinese shoes wet should not fire, lest hair hard and brittle.
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