Selection method of purchasing high quality safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-08
First of all, choose to conform to or higher than the national standard requirements of the safety shoes brand; Choose to have the following brand identity. Work includes: LA logo, QS quality marks, conform to safety standards, safety shoes, shoe size, production date, manufacturer trademark and name; Brand choice with good quality and customer word-of-mouth. Second, understand the protection requirements, choose the corresponding protection function. Protection function can not be mutually exclusive, such as antistatic and electric insulation is opposite function, can't meet at the same time; On the premise of meet the demand of protection, the choice is more comfortable safety shoes, improve the enthusiasm of workers wearing safety shoes. Finally, after choose a safety shoes to try on, through the subjective feeling, to ensure the safety shoes are comfortable, you must first take correct posture: legs parallel, the weight evenly distributed, upright posture to try on. If feel pinches or uncomfortable, it is recommended that the fitting slants big yard safety shoes; Toe to tiptoe, toes parts should have certain activity space, in order to wear comfortable; About the size of the feet is not completely equal, should refer to the data to choose large feet. In general, the person's foot is the biggest in the afternoon, it is recommended that you try it on in the afternoon; Try for the first time in the hard ground, too soft ground will give you the wrong feeling; In case of high instep, fertilizer, wide flat, should choose a large size of safety shoes.
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