Select and hit a safety shoes when several points, and skills

by:BEF     2020-12-07
Prevent shoes belongs to a kind of common safety shoes, because the main protective function is to protect the toes from impact damage, also called protect toes safety shoes. The choose and buy the shoes, the first is to consider safety performance can amount to mark, secondly also need to consider the following points. Choose the smashing of safety shoes when several points: 1, the shoe breathable: should choose breathable leather uppers, toes pointed site to wide, stretching to toes, heel parts to ensure that the heel can also slide back and forth. 2, soles elastic: labor insurance shoes soles usually must have air bags or certain support, elastic feeling better when trample. 3, insoles can unpick and wash, labor insurance shoes insole is closest to the foot of a layer, can reduce the impact of the movement brings to the soles, prolonging the life of the shoes. But must insoles can unpick and wash, to ensure the health in the shoes. 4, reflex zones clear: labor insurance shoes vamp reflex zones should be larger, like to work at night can make people safer. 5, quality guaranteed, the market hit a safety shoes quality is uneven, qualified products usually have national inspection certificate, insurance company accept insurance, safe and reliable. Not too cheap to buy safety shoes, not the employee safety as for a cheap price.
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