Security needs more reminders

by:BEF     2020-12-09
More in the work of production safety, before the work started, consciously to check whether you want to wear the corresponding labor protection articles, avoid accident happens to regret. There is such a thing, happen to a worker. The thing is: he is ready to enter the construction site work, can be in a hurry forgot to wear safety shoes. Went into the construction site, just seen by other workers, hurriedly asked, remind him to wear safety shoes. He immediately return to wear safety shoes, and then enter the site construction work. Fortunately he wore a pair of safety shoes that day, because that day when the construction site high altitude have a heavy fall, just drop it on his feet with two or three centimeters, if he did not wear safety shoes that day, a foot injury. Afterwards, he couldn't help feeling that day thanks to his co-workers to remind him to wear safety shoes. Safety protection has never, want to start from their own work, consciously wear labor protection articles, in our safety production at the same time, & other; Remind & throughout; The people around is also important to pay attention to safety protection, it can let us forget or neglect, supervise and urge everyone to take remedial measures, make us in the case of an accident, also can ensure the safety of their own.
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