Safety shoes when using FAQ

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Q: how long service life of the safety shoes? Answer: according to the provisions of the rules of every six months, the test time, qualified, can continue to use the time as the case may be. Q: why ban antistatic safety shoes when used insulated shoes? A: anti-static and insulation are two contrary concepts. Anti-static, is the need to put the human body static electricity which by the conductivity of antistatic safety shoes, to the human body static electricity into the earth. Insulation is the need to the human body from conductor, the role of the insulation shoes also is the conductor is isolated from the body and the earth. So, the two functions of shoes can not mix! Q: what kind of mold industry with labor insurance shoes? Answer: according to the different environment, wear labor insurance shoes function is different also. General floor cleaner, wear resistant to hit Chinese shoes. Ground if there is iron, iron nails kind thing, will wear the smash puncture proof of safety shoes. If there is oil ground, also need the function of the oil resistant. Q: what kind of lifting operation personnel should wear the labor protection shoes? Answer: generally resistant to hit function can be, but with actual environmental requirements should be considered whether to bring slippery oil or high temperature resistance, and other functions. Q: as standard protective shoes and safety shoes? Answer: according to the current standard, safety shoes and protection are two different standards. The national standard of safety shoes GB21148 - National standard GB21147-2007, protective shoes 2007. Q: does the insulation of the soles wear safety shoes performance would also reduce? Answer: the soles is badly worn insulation intensity was reduced, new insulation shoes has to be replaced. Wearing insulated shoes, in order to guarantee the operation safety, when using more careful check. Q: why do stamping workshop to wear protective shoes? Answer: the protective shoes can prevent falls by machinery, metal met; Also to prevent the metal iron fell onto foot.
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