Safety shoes vamp material protective shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-07
1, PU PU material ( Pu) Between natural leather and PVC leather quality, easy production, high volume, has certain moisture absorption and permeability, the disadvantage of the PU is not easy to deformation and not easy to finalize the design, less extension. The protective shoes safety shoes soles are generally use PU material. 2, all kinds of PVC leather material PVC leather production, production of products, easy to control, low price; Its shortcoming poor hygroscopicity, easy deformation, not high temperature resistant, etc. 3, natural leather material of natural leather variety is more, usually have cow leather, pigskin, leather, sheepskin, sharkskin, etc. Natural leather has very good permeability, softness and moisture absorption, but the biggest drawback is the material price is high, so use it to make the safety shoes nature price is on the high side. ( Safety shoes vamp head layer cowhide high quality soft wear-resisting breathable comfortable) 4, nylon fabric material nylon fabric is currently widely used in sports shoes, it has high flexibility, quality light, moisture absorption, heat preservation, etc. 5, good scalability, canvas material canvas material and has a soft performance, generally used in the manufacture of vulcanizing sneakers. Thus, safety shoes vamp material has some connectivity, basic have soft, moisture absorption, abrasion resistance, cold resistance, stretching, heat resistant, etc in common.
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