Safety shoes to prevent Chinese shoes what methods of grinding the feet?

by:BEF     2020-12-15
Labor insurance shoes when they started to wear a little grinding feet, affect the wearing comfort, here to teach you some of the ways to prevent labor insurance shoes grinding foot: a labor insurance shoes on, liquor, determine the position of the good grinding feet, apply a small amount of liquor on it. Second, stick after heel stick not only can solve the problem of grinding the feet, and make labor insurance shoes fit more. Three, with blower soft new labor insurance shoes has grinding feet, grinding foot place with blower can be soft. Four, hitting grinding foot will grind feet with a wet towel in wu for a period of time, and then with a dry towel around with a hammer percussion, grinding foot part of the leather will become soft. Five, besmear soap in the heel a layer of soap daub, wear when is more convenient, also won't grind feet when walking.
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