Safety shoes tip

by:BEF     2020-12-09
As is known to all, in the work of production must wear labor protection articles, a kind of safety shoes is very important, can protect employees working in the production process the foot from damage or reduce the damage. The right choice and wear safety shoes to protect employees feet from the following directly or indirectly harm: 1. By hard, rolling or down object parts; 2. By the sharp objects stabbed; 3. Cuts from sharp objects, and even make the skin torn; 4. Due to the ground wet fall; 5. Exposure to chemicals, molten metal, the surface of the high and low temperatures the damage; 6. Work in the environment full of flammable gas, foot produce static electricity and inflammable gas ignition; 7. Electric contact device, the weight of the foot can also affect the conductivity of the electric shock hazard. In addition, if you want to safety shoes can give full play to its protective function, in the selection, use and maintenance also need to strengthen the attention. Note: 1. According to the needs of the workplace, the choice function, the size is suitable for their own work shoes; 2. Before use, need to check the safety shoes, ensure without damage; 3. Lace up your shoes, in order to avoid tripping; 4. Timely and properly keep clean after use. Store in clean, dry place.
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