Safety shoes quality is determined by what?

by:BEF     2020-12-12
Work and the choice of raw material determines the quality of safety shoes, safety shoes standard in our country from the 90 s, in 2007 changed the old production, testing standard, set the new standard, designed to protect workers' occupational health and safety. Safety shoes at present in China can be roughly divided into: protect the security of the toes shoes, puncture proof safety shoes, electric insulation, antistatic safety shoes, acidproof alkali. Raw materials mainly include safety shoes soles, lining and shoes: safety shoes soles commonly used materials of polyurethane, plastic composite molding soles, EVA + rubber and natural rubber soles, etc. , need according to its different function to choose the appropriate materials, in particular to soles with special functions, such as: insulated shoes, anti-static safety shoes need to choose according to their function in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state standard of the material. In order to improve the soles, wear resistance, sometimes these materials can be combined to use each other, for example, polyurethane and rubber together can effectively raise the wearability of the soles. Neri materials mainly leather inside and BK cloth neri, leather lining is more breathable than BK cloth inside absorb sweat resistant, etc. Vamp choose leather material, more can be divided into artificial skin and natural cowhide leather materials. Natural leather with buffalo hide, pigskin, sheepskin and cow leather, the price is expensive, therefore made of natural leather shoes price is more expensive, often used in the production of high-grade leather shoes, but wearing a very comfortable breathe freely, vamp folding is very superior performance.
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