Safety shoes products need to meet the national standards

by:BEF     2020-12-10
Safety shoes is one of the most common work shoes in the labor insurance supplies, for those who work in the special environment in the workers, it is the importance of ordinary shoes irreplaceable, so safety shoes must conform to the national related standards of quality and safety of labor insurance products. Then we will take you look at in detail: 1, in terms of national standard, national standard of qualified products meet safety shoes, countries enforce 3 packets of policy, broken, replacement section after three months return, glue repair kit. 2, in actual operation, the actual use period of the safety shoes basically see the working conditions of its use, users in the use of state, environmental intensity of use, etc. , for the use of low strength in one to three years can be; For the conditions of work sites, such as chemical plants, electroplating workshop, due to the strong causticity, safety shoes almost three months. 3, for the selection of safety shoes must be seriously, this is also the health and life safety, chooses must buy in conformity with national quality standard, cannot buy 3 without the product.
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