Safety shoes production technology and process equipment is introduced

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Domestic safety shoes production process points: moulding, injection, adhesive, seam. Injection class safety shoes, lightweight soles and uppers high viscosity, outsole usually adopts polyurethane materials, wear-resisting, waterproof; Sticky shoes is a kind of traditional process, the production history longer USES material such as rubber shoe soles commonly use glue and upper; Sew the price of the flat bottom shoe and moulding process cheaper belong to cheap products, here is not to do is introduced. ( Safety shoes) For process equipment, with emphasis on the production equipment of the injection type of safety shoes. International is currently the most advanced safety shoes production equipment has injection shoes for Germany's shi tamar DESMA machine and injection shoes for Italy with reputation, its craft by a computer to control all the way, all of which DE shi DESMA with bayer materials science and technology of ultra low density foam technology, make the DESMA equipment technology in production to achieve global similar equipment cannot reach a new height, buffer performance, energy absorption, seismic performance, adhesion fastness always walk in the forefront of technology. But because this kind of product its expensive price, or by one of the few companies in China in pioneered the use of technology and equipment with high quality products. Domestic disc type injection shoes machine because of the low price, easy maintenance, and the amount of speed and is widely used in most of the safety shoes manufacturing enterprise, product quality is generally in the hands of operation and technical personnel, the production cost is far lower than the imported equipment.
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