Safety shoes plastic head involved in the field, after know you might be startled! ! !

by:BEF     2020-07-24
In special industries, because of the particularity of the work place, is for the use of material has a certain standard, in order to reduce the load employees foot during operation, the industry has developed light plastic toe cap. The use of safety shoes plastic head in terms of comprehensive performance, PC material with high practicability, good toughness, surface will not because of external pressure and fracture, also has the strong ability of resistance to ultraviolet radiation, long service life, application scope is extremely broad. Used in building materials industry: polycarbonate sheets with good pervious to light quality, impact resistance, dimensional stability and ultraviolet radiation and its products and good processing skills, make its than traditional construction using inorganic glass has obvious technical performance advantage. Used in automobile manufacturing industry: polycarbonate has good resistance to impact and thermal distortion resistance, and good weather resistance, high hardness, so is suitable for the production of various parts of cars and light trucks, which are mainly concentrated in lighting system, instrument panel, the heating plate, defroster and polycarbonate gold insurance machinery, etc. Used in the production of medical apparatus and instruments as polycarbonate products are subject to full steam, cleaning agents, heating, and a big dose of radiation disinfection, and do not become yellow and physical performance, so they are widely used in artificial pain hemodialysis equipment and other needs under the condition of transparent, intuitive operation and repeated disinfection of medical devices. Used in aviation, spaceflight, according to statistics, only a Boeing aircraft on the polycarbonate parts reached 2500, single use polycarbonate about 2 tons. And on the spacecraft by the hundreds of different configurations and the glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate parts and the astronaut's protective equipment, etc. Used for packaging: in recent years, a new growth point in packaging field is repeatable disinfection and use of various types of reservoir water bottles. Due to the quality of polycarbonate products are light, good impact resistance and transparency, with hot water and caustic washing processing deformation, and the advantage of transparency, PC bottle has some field are completely replace the glass bottle. Used in electrical and electronic fields, due to the carbon ester in a wide range of temperature and humidity has good resistance to a constant electrical insulation, is a good insulating material. At the same time, its good fire resistance and dimensional stability, in the electronic industry has formed a broad application field. Used for the field of optical lens: polycarbonate with its unique high light transmittance, high refractive index, high impact resistance, size stability and easy processing molding characteristics, occupies an extremely important position in the field. Using optical grade poly carbonate with production not only can be used for the camera, optical lens and optical test instruments such as microscopes and telescopes. Basic materials for optical disc: in recent years, along with the information industry of stubborn, disc made of optical grade polycarbonate as a new generation of audio and video information storage medium, rapid development is extremely fast. Polycarbonate with its superior performance characteristics and become the world's CD manufacturing main raw material. In the present of the extensive use of plastic products, also with the production of a large amount of waste plastic, plastic material is not easy to degrade, easy to cause serious pollution to the environment, the threat to human health, how health degradation is now very need to solve the problem, in a wide range of safety shoes head of plastic, PC can completely meet the requirements of biodegradation of the recycled.
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