Safety shoes performance will affect the sole force?

by:BEF     2020-12-01
Have you noticed? What you wear every pair of safety shoes soles under all of your body weight, and when you do express movement, it must bear your weight more pressure, so in your safety shoes when the choose and buy, be sure to select the sole abrasion resistance avoid vibration elastic skid resistance better safety shoes, because safety shoes can affect the performance of soles force. Normal wear shoes, the foot skin temperature can achieve 34 - 35 ℃, strenuous exercise, 43 - temperature can reach 49 ℃, if the sole grain design more rough, complex, then the friction with the ground will be more big, the heat is also high, therefore the design not only requires safety shoes vamp should have good air permeability, the sole also want to have, but also consider the waterproof skid resistance. Workers in sports physical consumption is very big, they walk under the load condition, the foot will inherit the gravity impact, if there is no good shock absorption safety shoes unable to ease the impact, so your feet will feel tired, so have good performance of safety shoes for their work is greatly influenced. Also stop, turn in the workplace is often happens, in order to avoid causing inductrial injury accident, use of safety shoes should be has high smoothness, wearability and slide resistance and to find the best balance point between, good safety performance is realized through the design of the soles grain shoe. Safety shoes quality sometimes simply by looking at the quality of the shoes don't see is the surface, when the safety shoes you are wearing a pair of good performance, start to also will feel comfortable. Actually for safety shoes performance is good or bad, it not only affects the sole force, it can also affect your wearing comfort at work, so we choose as far as possible in the case of conditional performance good safety shoes
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