【 Safety shoes national standard 】 Safety shoes do 'foot', make sure your safety!

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Safety shoes is safety shoes, collectively, as the name suggests, is to protect the safety of footsteps, to eliminate or reduce the shoes feet and legs hurt. Safety shoes is belong to high-tech products, so about the material and requirements required by the technical content is higher. So, below small make up to collect some safety shoes national standards. European standard EN344:1997 ( Special security, protection and work shoes), By CEN/TC61 & other; Throughout the feet and legs protective equipment &; Technical committee to formulate and to the secretariat by BSI. The standard models of safety shoes design, the shoes, the vamp, shoes, shoes tongue, insole and outsole structure and the performance index for the rules. All items specified in the standard test methods are similar to other similar standards, its method principle is generally applicable to most of the safety shoes, main index is: A, safety shoes & ndash; Baotou impact resistance with the weight of shock hammer, impact, baotou after impact, gap less than the specified value, the timid in the axis of the test will not be any penetrating cracks, conform to the national standard for safety shoes. Note: in the national standard of the weight of shock hammer, specifications, impact height and the regulation of the structure of the testing machine and so on. B, puncture resistance is equipped with nail test ( Test pin for a cut to the head of the cutting-edge, nail head hardness should be greater than 60 HRC) And the pressure plate test machine, carries on the test. Put sole sample machine chassis, position can make the nail pierced through the outsole test, test nail to 10 mm/min± 3 mm/min speed puncture the soles, until penetration, the most vigorously for the record. Note: the soles choice at least four sites, and one must be a heel. Between the various sites & ge; 30 mm, inner bottom edge > 10 mm. In addition, have prevent slippery piece, should be pierced between blocks. Four points of the two points should be from the planting base stare blankly in 10 - edge line 15 mm distance test. If the humidity will affect the results, the test should be before the sole in 20 c & plusmn; 2 c 16 & plusmn in deionized water; 1h。 C, the electrical properties of conductive shoes and anti-static shoes will clean ball fill inside the shoe after dry and wet adjustment, and on the metal probe device, using resistance test instrument, measuring the front two resistance between the probe and third probe. Note: the conductive shoes for resistance should & le; l00KΩ; Resistance is anti-static shoes required Ω - 100 k Between 100 m Ω. D, heat insulation performance in a shoe as a sample, the thermocouple with the center of the bottom connection area, and the steel ball fill people inside the shoe. To regulate the temperature of the sand bath pot and 5 degrees to 150 degrees, put on it, the shoe making sand in contact with the shoes outsole, use in connection with the thermocouple temperature testing device, the determination of the temperature of the inner bottom and the appropriate time, the increase of the temperature curve is given. Calculated from sample placed on the sand bath for half an hour after the increased temperature. Note: general insulation shoes for the added value of the temperature of the inner bottom surface < 22 degrees. E, the heel part of the energy absorption performance test instruments and the maximum compression load of 6000 n, with a record load/deformation characteristics of the device. Will take following shoe in a sheet metal, will test the punch in the center of the heel part inside of the inner bottom. By 10 mm / 3 mm/min speed of load. Load/compression curve drawing, and calculate the absorbing energy E, expressed as a J. F, the requirement of non-slip outsole the anti-slip coefficient of the standard testing soles, but for the spur of the design, specifications and other provisions, such as the thickness of the soles, prevent slippery piece of height, and the sole on the edge of the distance are required.
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