Safety shoes manufacturer to teach you the correct understanding of insulation shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Insulated shoes generally low voltage insulation, 6 kv insulated or 10 kv high-voltage insulating shoes. In the case of low voltage electric operation, wear insulating shoes can normal operation. But in the case of high pressure charged, if only depend on insulated shoes, not wear other insulating protective appliance, it is not allowed. Insulated shoes only to protect feet from harm, but other exposed parts are potentially dangerous. Normal use period of insulated shoes manufacturer insulation, should avoid contact with sharp objects, prevent a sharp prick shoes insulation and dangerous. At the same time prevent the mechanical damage, shall be reasonable and correct maintenance. Insulated shoes manufacturer insulation shoes price avoid contact with high temperature, oil, acid and alkali and corrosive substances. Matching with insulated shoes and insulating gloves, insulated clothing and other insulation. The insulation of the sole of the general now for PU material and rubber material. Insulated shoes and with environmental protection, no carbon the advent of the era, more environmentally friendly PU material used in the insulation shoes more. PU material itself has a certain insulation performance, and then under the condition of high temperature, adding insulating liquid to liquid PU material, can make the PU soles more insulation materials, but also take into account environmental protection rubber itself has very good insulation performance, but the rubber is not easy to processing molding, to cause certain influence on the environment. So now the insulation in the sole rubber soles gradually tends to be replaced by the bottom of the PU.
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