Safety shoes manufacturer innovation must follow the market demand

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Safety shoes was known for its excellent function, with the improvement of enterprise of safety consciousness, also widely used by many enterprises, but also with China's footwear technology progress and the global shoe materials constantly updated, varieties gradually achieve safety footwear and costliness, design and technical requirements are also beginning to with foreign standards, gradually, however the future shoe companies more should pay attention to if you want to lead the market research and development, the innovation is inseparable from the market demand. First, to realize low carbon environmental protection, science and technology, the traditional industry based on low carbon environmental protection, can make portable, safe, fashion, science and technology research and development goal, should not be constrained by simple mode of product research and development design, realize the innovation, and bold use of new high-tech nano NanoPro, etc. Second, the different preferences of consumers, in order to satisfy the customer, to market investigation, and put forward the corresponding safety shoes according to the summary form development trends and function requirements, of course, these requirements to meet the basic function of labor insurance shoes, to test, only argument meets the requirements for mass production. Finally, on the premise of ensure safety shoes protection function, besides wanting to notice the shoes the innovation, the application of high-tech technology, sole function innovation is also very important, can reflect the technical content is mainly in the soles of a pair of shoes, so the sole can combine the advantages of polyurethane PU, can be upgraded and improved in the injection process.
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