Safety shoes ( Labor insurance shoes) The antiskid function

by:BEF     2020-11-24
Non-slip soles is safety shoes ( Labor insurance shoes) The basic functional requirements, but there are still many people every year due to wear safety shoes slip or fall and cause damage. Although due to different sites, different USES, different jobs, or different types of shoes, the sole standard of slip and slide has a bigger difference, but as a sole or footwear manufacturers, in the sole design, material selection and the sole is still dealing with its anti-skid function. Generally have safety shoes outsole material requirements shall be oil resistant, slip resistance, abrasion resistance, compression resistance, water resistance, good elasticity, heat resistance, impact resistance, easy for foot type, after finalize the design is not easy to distort, thermal insulation, easy to absorb moisture, etc. , at the same time more to cooperate in the bottom, when walking in the foot brake role not to slip and easy parking and so on various conditions. There are many factors affecting safety shoes non-slip soles, such as sole materials ( Safety shoes sole materials share materials including RUBBER, plastics, RUBBER, PU/PU, PU/TPU, PU, RUBBER and other materials) , surface hardness, dry humidity, smooth, soles pattern, structure, etc. Generally prevent slippery effect on dry ground, often referred to as a dry slide. And under the condition of ground water is slippery effect called wet slide. In some specific working environment or living environment, on the ground, may be not only the general water, and oil, often even oil and water together. So there is oil type slide and oil water slide, according to different environment, the shoes are different to the requirement of function of slide shoe and the sole design. ( Safety shoes) Safety shoes sole background of rough and rugged, can effectively increase the real contact area, thus increasing the friction, improve the effect of slide. Structure, the thickness and depth of different background, the deformation and the actual contact area with the ground are also different. Superfine grain, in support of human body, easy to wear and tear, cause the slide effect is rapidly weakened; Too thick background, on the general road walk, cause slide deformation to reduce the effect not beautiful. Therefore the design of safety shoes tread, in the wet interface slide effect is even more important, under the environment of the wet contact, drainage design background, directly affect the soles slide effect. When the soles and contact area between the presence of water, the soles water lines cannot be effectively ruled out to tread grooves and on both sides of the sole, will exist between the sole and ground water, the thin layer have played an important role in lubrication, greatly reduce the friction between the sole and ground, resulting in the skid phenomenon. Safety shoes sole grain design, therefore, should not only consider dry contact, also want to consider in contact with water wet, too. In conclusion, the structure of safety shoes sole material and decorative pattern on the slippery slide functions play an important role. is made of high quality materials, unique non-slip pattern design to production of antiskid safety shoes, can be used in extreme wet environment, can meet the demand from all walks of life, is favored by consumers.
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