Safety shoes, labor insurance shoes outsole six property requirements

by:BEF     2020-12-07
Safety shoes in China, also known as labor insurance shoes, work shoes, protective shoes, safety shoes, occupation, is a protection features, in order to make the wearer from accidental injury of shoes. The international organization for standardization of safety shoes, protective shoes, professional shoes defines the different meanings and standard respectively. Different countries standard, specification requirements for safety shoes also slightly different. A pair of qualified labor insurance shoes, not only need to have the basic protection function of labor insurance shoes, the soles property is particularly important, good bottoms can make labor insurance shoes more safe and comfortable, durable. For labor insurance shoes soles there are six basic physical property test, the choose and buy when labor insurance shoes well bottoms can be acquired from the labor insurance shoes manufacturer of six physical properties test report. Concrete is: the thickness of the sole ( Does not include the thickness of antiskid article) , tear proof, abrasion proof, the twists and turns, water resistant ( Due to flooding decomposition torn) , oil resistant, And contraction due to leaching fuel, and harden) The anti-slip testing is more important. non-slip ability according to BS EN 13287:2004 tests to the coefficient of friction ( 摩擦系数) Said. Test report should include: 1. The description of the shoes or identify 2. The test standard 3. The average friction coefficient ( Indicate the ground, slip agent, and test mode) 4. 5 at the room temperature. Date of 6. Deviate from the standard method of record
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