Safety shoes, labor insurance shoes national standards and international standards

by:BEF     2020-12-15
The new national standard for safety shoes, safety shoes international standards, national standards for labor insurance shoes, labor insurance shoes international standard as follows: 1, the new European standard safety shoes [ 1] , which will take effect in June 2012, and replace the old safety shoes standard ENISO20345:2004 / A1:2007. A complete set of standard in the test method of hexavalent chromium, nonmetal and puncture-proof bottom of test methods and labor insurance shoes off cold insulation performance, etc. There are 23 from new requirements. 2, American standard ( ANSI - Z41 - 1991). Compression and impact resistance ability, according to the shoes have a protective toe safety shoes can be divided into three. 3, Australian standard ( 2210年通过。 '94). This standard safety shoes can be divided into 4 kinds, including: heavy work safety shoes, medium work safety shoes, waterproof light work safety shoes, safety shoes. 4, Japanese standards ( J1S-T-8015:1983) 5, Canada safety shoes, the standard is based on the Canadian standards association ( CSA) The standard Z195 - 02:“ Protective shoes & throughout; And Z195. 1 - 02:“ Selection, care, use protective shoe guide & throughout; And decide. Standard safety shoes GB21148-6, China GB21147-2007 / protective shoes GB21146-2007 / professional shoes 2007, specific standard is as follows: protect toes shoes: press GB21148 - 2007 / GB21147 - 2007 / GB21146 - 2007 standard execution puncture proof safety shoes: press GB21148 - 2007 standard electrical insulating shoes: press GB12011 - 2009 standard anti-static safety shoes: press GB21148 - Press GB21148-2007 standards conductive shoes: 2007 standard execution acidproof alkali safety shoes: press GB12018 - 1989 standards
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