Safety shoes, labor insurance shoes insulation performance testing standards

by:BEF     2020-12-08
Labor insurance shoes should be choose according to the nature of the dangers of working environment, as well as the damage degree, relevant protective labor insurance shoes should have product certificate and product manual, read the instructions before use should be controlled using conditions, using the method to correct. In order to you can better use of labor insurance shoes, let's learn some labor insurance shoes together and heat insulation performance test standard: 1, with a shoe as a sample, the thermocouple with the center of the bottom connection area, and the steel ball fill people inside the shoe. 2, adjust the sand bath pot temperature to 150 ℃, 5 ℃, put on it, the shoe making sand in contact with the shoes outsole, then use to connect to the thermocouple temperature testing device, testing inner bottom temperature and the corresponding time, the increase of the temperature curve is given. 3, computed from sample placed on the sand bath within 30 min after the increase of temperature, general insulation shoes for the added value of the temperature of the inner bottom surface is less than 22 ℃.
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