Safety shoes, labor insurance shoes exactly what function?

by:BEF     2020-11-28
Labor insurance shoes different from ordinary civil, it can have one or more protective functions, such as: the smashing, puncture proof, antistatic, anti-skid, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, oil, cold resistance, abrasion resistance, waterproof, etc. The smashing performance & ndash; Protect the toes of labor insurance shoes baotou can be made of steel or composite materials, GB21148 - the latest national standards 2007 standard ( Labor insurance shoes) Demands of its, with static pressure resistance and impact resistance, resistance to static pressure of 15 kn, the top of the shoe tolerated 200 joules. Puncture resistance & ndash; Maximum bear the puncture force of 1100 n, stabbed to protect feet from sharp objects. Antistatic performance & ndash; Anti-static labor insurance shoes, its resistance value range is 100 k Ω - 1000 m Ω, mainly is suitable for the working environment, such as electronic, flammable and explosive. Non-slip performance & ndash; Non-slip soles of the decorative pattern, can effectively improve the grip, greatly improve the skid resistance. Acid-proof alkaline can & ndash; Can be used for the existence of a small amount of acid and alkali solution environment, accord with GB12018 & ndash; 89 standard requirement. Insulation performance & ndash; Under the 6000 v test voltage test for 1 minute, the leakage current is less than 1. 8 ma. Can be used in the presence of ac 50 hz, 1000 v and below or dc 1500 v and below the work environment. Oil resistant performance & ndash; According to the oil standard test, the volume increase is not greater than 12%. If the volume is not increases, and narrow, the narrow quantity is greater than the original volume of 0. 5% or increase hardness greater than 10 ( Shao Er A) , according to GB/T 3903. A flexible 40000 crack growth are not more than 7 mm. Thermal performance & ndash; Moon labor insurance shoes for the north winter outdoor homework or cryogenic environment homework personnel's foot protection, so as to avoid the frostbite. Wear-resisting performance & ndash; PU has the very good wear-resisting performance, at the same time also to much light than rubber soles, so now is widely used in a variety of environments. Waterproof performance & ndash; Mainly used in ground water or water splashing workplaces. In addition to the above features, there are a variety of applications in special industries of special labor protection shoes, such as high temperature insulation shoes in the working environment, food processing industry with shoes, and so on.
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