Safety shoes industry innovation and development 'four insists' analysis of the strategy

by:BEF     2020-11-28
A product innovation, insist on the leading strategy of product innovation is obvious, the significance of innovation is the motive force of development, safety shoes product innovation is the driving force for the development of the safety shoes production enterprises. Through safety shoes innovation, enhance the competitiveness of the safety shoes, broaden the market, set up a good brand. Product innovation ideas: 1, into the cultural elements, reveals the connotation of the brand culture is of long standing and well established, it is a brand of the eternal vitality, blend in culture safety shoes brand, and to the terminal display, this is show safety shoes brand connotation, a great way to improve safety shoes brand reputation. The cultural elements embodied in packaging, safety shoes products also have heavy culture. 2, optimization of graphic design, use color opportunely dress safety shoes of product packaging graphic design and colour collocation is to get consumers eyes pioneer soldier. Graphic design is exquisite, colour collocation harmony, and let people feast for the eyes of the safety shoes product packaging must first leap into the eyes of consumers. 3, innovative packaging, satisfy different use function of packaging is very much, for example, protection products, convenient for storage and transportation; Attract attention, for promotion; Convenient purchase, carrying; Enhance the brand value and so on. A well-designed packaging used for consumers to create more value, to create more sales and profits for producers. 4, and provide the necessary information, improve brand quality safety shoes is very important to provide and performance of product information, packaging information and product information must be consistent. Brand name, logo and other information as much as possible to reflect the design of the performance security shoes brand personality and differences. Second, adhere to the guide for the construction of brand strategy safety shoes brand owners of brand design, publicity, maintenance, safety shoes brand construction of interest group and the main organizers is the owner of the brand, but participants including all the contact points, including customers, production circulation channels, media partners, even competitive brands. Safety shoes brand construction including the content of the brand assets construction, information construction, channel construction, customer development, media management, reputation management, etc. The support of the three, insist on technology innovation strategy safety shoes technology innovation including materials, technology innovation, equipment innovation, environment innovation, system innovation, it is a from the idea of generation of new products or new technology to the entire process of market application, it includes the generation of new ideas, research, development, commercialized production to spread such a series of activities, is essentially a science and technology, economic integration process, it includes the technology development and technology using these two links. Safety shoes manufacturers to set up their own technology development center, improve the ability of technology development and the level, build the mechanism of effective utilization of technology development achievements. Technology development and technology is used to form an organic whole, in the whole, not only need to, the rules of the development of the technology from a technical point of view, consider the possibility of technology development, but also to the market as the guidance, considering the effectiveness of technology development. Fourth, adhere to the marketing innovation strategy of runoff in the information age, the speed of information dissemination and breadth makes great changes have taken place in enterprise marketing environment, safety shoes manufacturer on the past experience accumulation of marketing concept and marketing technology will be a huge challenge. As the leader in the market and new entrants, are at the same starting point in the new network market, every competitor has equal chance, therefore, no matter how splendid the past, no matter the past obscurity, each a factory safety shoes must be in the marketing concept, marketing, marketing strategy, marketing on the corresponding reform and innovation, to adapt to the requirements of the information age, to achieve sustainable survival and development.
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