Safety shoes in the viaduct construction labor protection

by:BEF     2020-11-27
After fast urban development, traffic congestion, dense buildings and streets are difficult to broaden, in this situation, the viaduct construction developed rapidly and its construction on a highway or railway between cities, avoid and other line plane cross, saves the land, the corresponding in the viaduct construction industry will emerge a lot of workers, they engaged in the construction of viaduct in daily work will need to wear smash puncture proof of safety shoes, work in complex environment. Viaduct construction of the girder hoisting large steel structure, the key working procedure, this belongs to the viaduct construction workers need the rich experience and cooperate with each other, if there is no professional operation and strict inspection, will fall if the beam body parts when working in the foot of the consequences, prevent hit safety shoes although cannot completely avoid this kind of harm, but can greatly reduce the damage. Because it resistant safety shoes is installed on the top of the shoe have resistance to impact in baotou, baotou placed within between shoes and shoe, can greatly reduce the falling objects to the injury of the foot. Viaduct construction under the condition of the site without a safe cleaning, there will be machines, materials, such as soil pile up around the foundation pit slope, if the night work the workers without pay attention to vulnerable to sharp instrument puncture the soles of foot damage, we wear extra safety shoes is in response to meet that. Extra safety shoes because of above the soles in sheet steel, so can prevent foot of sharp objects pierced soles, effective foot protection to ensure operation safety. Viaduct construction with the surrounding environment more complex, all kinds of buildings and underground pipelines, structure, partial engineering, construction method of cross transform, aerial work, construction is difficult and complex engineering geological and hydrogeological and many uncertain factors, the construction time pressure, etc. And these characteristics determine the workers must be prepared to labor protection during the construction, in which has the function of special prevention and puncture-proof safety shoes, enter the site must take safety helmet, proper use of personal labor protection articles, for the safe construction of the most basic, at the same time into the scene also must obey the safety operating procedures and safety production discipline.
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