Safety shoes in the CE certification, do you know?

by:BEF     2020-11-29
In recent years, the customer before buying the product always ask do you have any certification? Illustrates the people for the product quality and safety have higher requirements, it also makes our business more regularized. Safety shoes are generally referred to as the safety shoes and protective shoes, generally refers to work in different occasions with the have to protect your feet and legs from the foreseeable damage of footwear. Safety shoes belong to high-tech content and high added value of footwear products, safety shoes production process for raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, mechanical equipment, such as demand is very high, many with certain scale and level of the current domestic shoemaking enterprise has set his sights on safety shoes this past by developed countries occupy the market areas. A, what is the CE mark? In recent years, in the European economic area ( The European Union, the European free trade association member, except Switzerland) In the sale of products on the market, the use of the CE mark is becoming more and more goods labeled with CE said it conform to the safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection, and a series of European directives to express requirements. Second, the CE mark what is the significance? The meaning of the CE mark is: use the CE acronym for symbol labeled with CE products meet the requirements of relevant European directives main requirements ( 基本要求) , and to confirm that the product has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedures and/or manufacturer's qualification statement, a real product sales pass was allowed to enter the European Community market. Directive requirements industrial products labeled with the CE, no CE mark, shall not be sold, have been labeled with CE marking to market products, found not in conformity with the requirements of the safety should be ordered to withdraw from the market, for violation of the provisions of the instructions about the CE mark will be restricted or banned from entering the eu market or was forced to withdraw from the market. Three basic testing, safety shoes, CE certification of content: the domestic safety shoes test project: European safety shoes additional testing items: hebi co. , LTD. Has been fully passed ISO9001 and CE certification, was awarded the 'national insurance industry recommended brand', 'henan province famous trademark', 'henan famous brand', 'quality credit AAA industrial enterprises in henan province', the first 'hebi city mayor quality prize' and so on dozens of honorary title. The company insists on & other; Strives for realism the innovation, customer first & throughout; The quality policy, is committed to providing customers with first-class products and services, with professional product knowledge, improve the service concept, quick delivery ways and rest assured after-sales service provide customers with a full range of labor protection articles, let you experience the formal enterprise high quality service.
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