Safety shoes _ how to buy safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-11-25
In choosing accord with the characteristics of their own foot type safety shoes, safety shoe number and color, we need to check the safety shoes is real. ( 1) Check the safety shoes and safety shoes in the first want to distinguish real leather or fake leather, is marked on the product material leather or other ACTS as a substitute for leather. Cowhide smooth surface, high strength, tissue fine particles; Pig skin surface is rough, large pores, cannot look than the cow leather; Skin texture is soft, the surface is fine. Real leather hand feels acerbity feeling, artificial leather is smooth and hard. Another real leather safety shoes upper section layer has a fixed layer and leather fiber, artificial leather only cloth and synthetic materials, no leather fibre and chemical raw materials containing slight smell ( Can be neglected) 。 Quality safety shoes, leather shoes should be fine, bright, color is consistent, without off color, without damage. Finger press the instep, instep not slack, compact coating layer cracks don't fall off; Safety shoes material requirements in soft soft, uniform thickness, don't fall off don't rub off. Good safety shoes in the sheep leather shoes materials. ( 2) Check with god and baotou master is to finalize the design after the help of the key components, installation in the help in the area of safety shoes and safety shoes; Baotou is safety shoes shape head parts, installed in the front in the safety shoes and safety shoes. Check the press with god and with his finger in baotou, no change of quality safety shoes withstand pressure. Check the installation position, whether it is right, can direct contact with god, baotou. ( 3) Check the safety shoes heel shoes heel installation is firm, with the hand break not loose deformation. Even more critical with safety shoes, high heels in the quality identification, such as put safety shoes smooth, followed by and palm side can all contact with the ground, seamless don't shake. ( 4) Check the safety shoe soles materials mainly include natural rubber, rubber, natural leather, etc. When the choose and buy to check whether the bottom of the upper level, decorative pattern is clear, at the bottom of the sole should be flexible, not too hard, and not easy to fall off. Otherwise it is the soles rubber content is low, too much use of filler, not durable, easy to fracture. ( 5) Check hook hook heart heart is installed between the safety shoes outsole and the bottom of them support to finalize the design of parts. When the choose and buy, the safety shoes flat on table, on the application heart, quality should not be soft deformation. Poor quality, will wear the back nest site under convex or concave, walk the pain, the influence is healthy, even has the potential to make the foot injury. ( 6) In quality inspection after the completion of the inspection, try and try to go on. Such as low for safety shoes if ankle external ankle bone, will be very serious.
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