Safety shoes head resistance performance test to do?

by:BEF     2020-07-29
Strong performance test is to put an end to unqualified surplus safety shoes head into, let these strong surplus safety shoes head can really protect the wearer, avoid being hurt by the leg or foot, has certain relevant test standard, specific how to do it? First use rules important steel impact hammer impact test certificate, baotou baotou when the clearance height should be less than specified value, and the axis of the baotou in the test should not be any penetrating crack. It is worth noting that the national standard of impact hammer. It is worth noting that the national standard of the weight of shock hammer, specifications, impact height and the regulation of the structure of the testing machine and so on are different, should distinguish between actual test. Its testing principle is the use of electromagnet control impact head of ups and downs, and to a certain height steel head impact safety shoes, and then check whether strong surplus safety shoes head deformation or damage.
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