Safety shoes, electrical insulation, Boots) The use of the matters needing attention

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Electrical insulating shoes is can make the person's feet and electric insulation, prevent electric shock, as the auxiliary and safe appliance and labor when wearing a special Labour protection shoes. 1, the use of electric insulation special safety shoes ( Boots) Should check shoes vamp or soles indicated on the withstand voltage value; According to the work place high and low voltage accurately select insulated shoes ( Boots) , low-voltage insulation shoe ban on high voltage electric equipment used as safety auxiliary equipment, can be used as auxiliary and safe appliance is used on low voltage electrical equipment, but may not be directly used in contact with electrical equipment. 2, when using, must strictly abide by the provisions of the electrical safety work procedures; Wear insulating boots, trousers should be set into the cylinder is boots, wear insulating labor insurance shoes, trousers shoulds not be long and soles welt height, more can't long and ground, its working environment should be able to keep the instep and dry. 3, use to prevent the sharp objects of soles during piercing, cutting, wear or the effects of chemical pollution damage, should be checked regularly, have damaged cannot serve as insulated shoes ( Boots) Use. 4, safety shoes, Boots) When storing in the warehouse, from the ground more than 500 px, and leave all the heating element 1 m, with acid, alkali or other corrosive room deposit, should be dry and ventilated warehouse, prevent mildew of be affected with damp be affected with damp. 5, labor insurance shoes have the effect of protection, insulation does not take the place of other body parts, the insulation of the range
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