Safety shoes classification and maintenance methods

by:BEF     2020-11-24
With the progress of the domestic shoemaking technology and the changing world of shoes materials, varieties gradually costliness, safety footwear. Safety shoes are divided into safety shoes and protective, refers to the different workplace have to protect your feet and calf to avoid foreseeable harm of footwear. Safety protection class footwear shoes belong to high technology, high added value products, protective footwear production of raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, such as production equipment requirements are very high. Domestic safety shoes design and technical requirements of gradually started with foreign standards, the Chinese standard of safety shoes is a reference to European standards. Safety shoes GB21148 - is the current standard of China Leather safety shoes GB4014-2007 83; Rubber surface to smash safety boots GB7054 - proof 86. European standard by CEN/TC61 & other; Throughout the feet and legs protective equipment &; Formulate technical committee, the secretariat by BSI. European standard EN345 dedicated security, protection and work shoes. The standard models of safety shoes design, the shoes, both inside and outside bottom, giving surface structure and the performance indexes such as the rules. Digit security protection against smashing function class safety shoes shoe lining for baotou steel, static pressure resistance and impact resistance performance, puncture-proof, prevent hit, is suitable for industry, mining, construction and other heavy industry play a protection the safety of the toes. Puncture resistant class safety shoes puncture proof of safety shoes to protect feet from sharp stabbing, can bear the puncture force of 1100 n, suitable for fire protection, forestry, machinery and other industries. Anti-static function class safety shoes according to GB4385-1995 standard production, applicable to oil, aviation, avoid flammable and explosive accidents due to static electricity. Oil resistant function class safety shoes, in accordance with oil test standard, increased volume & ge; 12%. If smaller, its narrow quantity & ge; The original volume of 0. 5% or hardness increased > 10, is suitable for oil and other industries. Function of acid and alkali resistant class safety shoes suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, etc. Note: 1. Acid and alkali resistant shoes is suitable for the low concentration of acid and alkali places; 2. Avoid high temperature, leakage of sharp instrument injury upper and soles; 3. Wear shoes, wash with water after using alkali content, avoid direct sunlight to dry or drying. Safety shoes has good permeability, antistatic, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, and other functions, wearing comfortable, does not affect the daily operation of labor. Maintenance method of safety shoes need to correct use and maintenance, matters needing attention are as follows: 1. Regular cleaning safety shoes, do not use solvent cleaner. 2. Always clean up the soles, to avoid accumulation of dirt, the conductive or antistatic effect affected by dirt, endanger the safety of life. 3. Don't optional to modify the structure of the safety shoes, casual may affect the safety index of safety shoes. 4. Safety shoes should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Most people think that protective shoes is safe, according to China's current standards, safety shoes and protection are two different standards. The national standard of safety shoes GB21148 - 2007, the national standard of protective footwear GB21147 - 2007. Safety shoes are high standard, high standards of safety shoes.
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