Safety shoes can DIY yourself?

by:BEF     2020-07-23
Industry diversification development in recent years to promote the school to give students more choices, the former electrical contractor to today's engineering design class, let the market have a new life, a lot of shoes graffiti products also let many people have the idea of want to move the handle, to new and old shoes to change a good thing. Try to round head change point, with high heels to low, or just change the color, or change shoes button to zipper, or in the puncture shoe-soles face add a fashionable adornment, a small change, and become a pair of new shoes that and from different, the question, the safety shoes can DIY? The answer is 'NO'! Because of the special structure of the safety shoes, and he can play the protective function of decided we can't go to renovation of shoes. First safety shoes most has the steel head, can rise to prevent hit a protective function, if want to renovate, steel head it is difficult to change, because of the existence of the steel head, it is difficult to change the shape of the toe cap. In addition, safety shoes with puncture proof steel plate or puncture proof cloth puncture proof of base cloth, general repair shoes don't have this kind of material. Like insulation safety shoes, anti-static safety shoes, this kind of shoes are more professional safety shoes manufacturer in accordance with the process of production, and before the factory after inspection, and general shoes repaired place also don't have this ability. And safety shoes is to protect the wearer's feet, the main function of the normal safety shoes in half a year, some protective function would be weakened or even lost, then again to modify the safety shoes have no protection, also modify the incomplete, that it's meaningless to such changes. As a result, are not recommended to modify.
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