Safety shoes at a crucial moment saved his life

by:BEF     2020-12-04
As is known to all, in the construction site, workplaces, not wearing a helmet, are not allowed to enter the work site, so construction workers in the workplace can be aware of the importance of wearing a helmet. But demand for safety shoes in some places, there is no clear rules, so correctly wear safety shoes has not caused enough attention, and when the accident occurs, the safety shoes really can be life-saving in the right time. Shortly before the development zone enterprise chamberlain in the workshop equipment operation, was suddenly falling from a height of steel banging on the feet, zhang & other; O & throughout; Fall, with a side colleague hurriedly come forward to help him move to steel. While wearing thick labor insurance shoes, but a little feet or injury not light, especially the protection of steel plate tightly button on chamberlain's toes, bye bye also don't open. Colleagues immediately sent joba chamberlain to development zone first people's hospital. The doctor immediately for surgery. “ For now, the operation was very successful, zhang feet toe is saved. ” Treatment the doctor said, & other; Zhang if it weren't for work in accordance with the specification in the labor insurance shoes, the results may be entirely different. ” Indeed, the important role of safety shoes in the work place is not ignored by us. What is the safety shoes? Safety shoes mainly safe protection class collectively, refers to the staff working on different occasions, wearing it to protect your feet and legs from harm. Safety shoes, in short, is a kind of safe protection against the foot of the shoes. Safety shoes according to different places of use can be divided into: protect the toes leather safety shoes, electrical insulating leather safety shoes, and puncture-proof leather safety shoes, antistatic leather safety shoes, high temperature safety protection.
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