Safety protection 'one can't be little'

by:BEF     2020-12-02
What is safety protection facilities? To put it bluntly, it is alarm, air breathing apparatus, helmet, safety shoes, belts, and so on. Is early warning, disaster resistance, used to save, only safety protection facilities are complete, can effectively control and prevent accidents disasters. But if the enterprise in the aspect of safety protection facilities less investment, safe foundation weak, the dangerous and harmful factors in the production and business operation cannot be effectively controlled. In danger of losing control points, hazards, governance is naturally the toes, attend, enterprise in this situation, the consequences. Clearly know safety work, however, cannot small gaze, it happened some companies dare & other; Take all of the breach & throughout; , often beyond the red line, ignored the staff of life, the root cause, the accident responsibility shall be investigated for punishment, & other; Anodyne & throughout; The punishment of not hurting & other; Throughout the physique &; , as a result, desperate, artificially low safety investment, even by investigation & other; Carry throughout the end & death; 。 The second is & other; Weighs benefits, safety & throughout; , plus & other; A small nobody tube, throughout the event & money straight; The so-called & other; The management logic & throughout; ,“ Can be away from it, just the province of province & throughout; Become a & other; Fashion & throughout; 。 Such as, the company to the forefront. ( Safety shoes) Under normal circumstances, a responsible enterprise, in order to reduce, prevent and eliminate the safety hazards as own duty, they treat the safe hidden trouble and weakness not relax, found that processed together, no problem, don't complicate simple question. Therefore, don't say is the necessary safety protection facilities, even ordinary labor protection articles such as safety shoes, safety helmet, which equipped with should also be equipped with, in this respect, not stingy, nor & other; Quality & throughout; , as long as about enterprise safety and employee health, again big investment is worth it and more necessary. So, only in security & other; No credit, no default & throughout; , production is guaranteed, the enterprise can rest easy and sustainable development.
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