Safety protection no small matter

by:BEF     2020-12-02
With the continuous development of human civilization, human safety awareness should be constantly improved, but in our side there are still some hold fluky psychology staff, only to pay a painful price. Tragedy has happened can't change, but at least we can reduce the tragedy will happen in the future, from one thrilling case, we should realize the importance of safe protection from it, so for any one industry workers, should be safe at work assignments seriously, make Labour protection protective measures, wearing safety shoes as required labor insurance shoes, wearing a helmet can reduce the happening of the accident. In terms of the construction company safety construction, the construction is in the limited space, the characteristics of concentrated a large number of operating personnel, construction machinery, building materials, etc. Buildings in the process of construction, construction site operators as from basic & ndash; The main body & ndash; Roofing subentry projects such as construction, from the ground to the underground, to return to the ground, and then on to the high altitude, often be in the open, high and cross homework environment, if there is no correct operation by the chapter, there is no wear labor protection articles correctly as required, such as safety shoes, safety helmet, protective gloves, etc. , is a big risk of dangerous accidents. Construction of objects falling, collapse, blow, five categories of mechanical damage and electric shock accidents over the years has been high, called & other; Five major damage & throughout; 。 And dangerous in the event of accident, this is not only a person accident, moreover also destroy is the happiness of a family. So for construction site construction personnel, security responsibility focuses on day, need to constantly improve their safety awareness, pay attention to every detail in the work, even if it is safe to fasten shoe LACES in the job, avoid the accident. Security is no small matter, even wearing a pair of shoes is very exquisite. Choose a suitable pair of safety shoes, choose according to their working environment functional appropriate safety shoes, don't wear slippers, ordinary cloth shoes in workplaces, proper standard construction in accordance with the operation, these do tend to ensure the safety of the work carried out.
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