Safety plastic shoes head logo logo, rounding

by:BEF     2020-07-22
Individual protective equipment safe plastic shoes head plays an important role in the production process, especially some high-risk special operations, can effectively guarantee the occupational health and safety of users, this company monthly spending heavily to buy all kinds of protective equipment. When you need to work outside the factory workplace, employees must be in accordance with the company for at least the minimum mandatory requirements for labor protection articles wear personal protective equipment, in order to prevent the injury or illness, at the same time, also set a good example. Off-site workplaces including, but not limited to the following areas: the construction site, customers or suppliers such as manufacturing, but for the related knowledge popularization of appliances for labor protection do not reach the designated position, how to determine the use of protective equipment safety identification more poorly understood. Special labor protection supplies safety sign logo by graphics and special labor protection articles and safety mark number form using the shape of the ancient shield, from the meaning of 'protection'. 'LA' shield between the letters, said 'labor safety'. “**- * * = * * * * * * 'is the serial number of identity. Number 3 layer combination of Numbers and letters. The first layer of the two Numbers identify licensing year; The second layer of double-digit Ann identification using authorized representative production enterprise's provincial administrative region code ( Imported products, the second layer of code in two English acronym said the origin of the import country code) ; The third layer of code in the first three digits represent the product name code, after three Numbers for the order of the signs are authorized. With reference to the safety color ( GB2839- 2011). Regulation, identify border, shields, and 'safety protection' for the green, 'LA' and background to white, identification Numbers for black. Identify specifications are divided into 18 27 * * 12, 18, 39 *, 69 * 46, 26 ( Mm) We know four kinds of labor insurance supplies, its role is to ensure that employee's safety in the operation process, therefore, understanding of the labor insurance knowledge should not stop in a safe plastic shoes head logo, for safety helmet, safety shoes, safety belt is also very important, and know the use of relevant knowledge, maintenance method and the matters needing attention, etc.
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