Safety in production of security commitments

by:BEF     2020-12-06
Safety in production of security commitments. In many enterprises, production safety signs posted is everywhere, safety slogan shouted everyday, propaganda is that do not words. Promised to give workers a variety of security, to provide them with various safety items, training employees' safety knowledge. Assign personnel supervision, safety production. Sometimes, these measures do, really can avoid a lot of safety accidents. In many companies, however, propaganda is made, the slogan shouted, commitment is also given. Considering the cost of enterprise, then in some protective equipment on the fiddle, buy some cheap, quality general use protective equipment to employees. Do also is considering from the aspects of enterprise management, the enterprise also need profit to survive. When the enterprise cost is too high, consider to save costs. And, of course, the first thought is the group of the working class. So the helmet to buy cheap, buy cheap labor insurance shoes, it's can save the province. Then, safety accident also came. Most of the time, the enterprise save a little money damages may not pay the security. This is a typical violation of security commitments, savings lost a lot of money. Therefore, security commitment to promise, safety slogan to shout, safety propaganda is easy to do. The lack of substantive safety measures, however, the lack of labor insurance supplies often make the previous work. Therefore, the safety in production is still a long way to go, not let us any careless. The input to input, give us the guarantee of workers do.
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