Safe to grab from details, even if it is a pair of safety shoes

by:BEF     2020-12-05
“ Evil often product in minimal & throughout; , detail decides success or failure, a little oversight, may lead to serious consequences, is the so-called: the devil, was destroyed in the nest. Especially as in the first line of production staff, staff personal safety should be a top priority, but in the process of production often appear some painful accident, investigate its root cause is due to the usual does not pay attention to details, don't take some little things seriously, we call & other; Chronic violate the rules & throughout; 。 For example, not wearing a helmet, do not check the electricity, don't wear labor insurance shoes, don't wear insulating gloves, do not check before operation and safe appliance is qualified, and so on. These small from illegal behavior may seem trivial, but there is a huge crisis in essence. As in previous years on one project construction site, a worker forgot to wear shoes insulation construction, site leakage occurs, the worker was killed a shock, directly on the spot to cause his family a great deal of mental trauma, which is because the workers a little carelessness led to his losing his own life. So, we will be in the safety in production from a hard hat, a pair of insulated shoes, a wrench, a brush, a pair of pliers, a ladder, a pair of gloves, a set of drying clothes, and so on labor protection articles and Labour tools specification, think more in the process of work, ask more, check one more time, to remind once more, ning bristle, also don't want to hear crying, everything according to according to the rules and regulations, all in accordance with the procedures to complete our each work, improve the self protection consciousness, will avoid personal casualty accidents, safety production stability.
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