Safe PU insoles can make feet long walk not tired?

by:BEF     2020-07-13
Have any of the shoes as the foot of the soul mate don't understand the foot demand reason? We all know the manufacture of shoes is made up by a variety of accessories, as a familiar and common insoles, has been all play an important role in our daily life. The birth of the original insoles is to protect the shoes and socks and foot damaged, but with the living environment and working environment, vision changes, insoles on the production and use have changed a lot. Choice about the type, function of insoles is to can let a person the degree of the edition, but still not a doormat can have better function, comfort, environmental protection, basic it is to belong to if wearing for long time, will cause a certain amount of discomfort, such as insoles slippery, easy to have bad smell, deformation of insoles, foot fatigue, etc. So don't say to your feet have the effect of health, even more difficult to achieve the basic protection. But in daily life, for the insole is indispensable, only this, we only efforts to overcome these problems is the right path. In numerous material selection of the insoles, PU insoles with some other material safety due to less material, in line with international environmental requirements, waste material is easy to be decomposed, now many shoes can see application security PU insoles, can make the shoes better absorb shock and wear properties of materials, in the role of high temperature, polyurethane closely adsorbed on the upper surface, not degumming, waterproof, both good for producers of health, also polluting the environment, greatly improving the efficiency of production. The safety of PU insoles can greatly meet the desirable function more comprehensive, especially, sweat, good air permeability, can demand shock absorption. After entered the U. S. market since the 70 s, its sales volume has been rising, but its superior performance has been widely recognized and applied.
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