Safe plastic toe cap model is how to make out?

by:BEF     2020-07-22
Speaking of labor protection articles, the first thing we think of might is helmets, seat belts, gloves, and boots, safety shoes, protective these to protect laborers foot products, are often ignored, and in the assignments, homework personnel in the use of tools, machine operation and handling material, the foot will be heavy, hard, at any time with edges and corners of objects by crushing, poke wounded or crowded, etc. , the second is, if not stand in the work, make the body out of balance, changed the normal operating position, causing accidents, so it seems, protective equipment to protect the safety of the foot is particularly important. Before, I always don't understand, why safe plastic toe cap will have distinction between 459, 588, 604 models, then I found that it is because of men and women in general shoes in addition to all the countries and regions outside the parting is the code number of the parameters, and the top of the shoe should be the same. People call it the last model of the industry, and others to do so, we have to do is to do the same also. Of course, everyone is easy to understand as this is the international standard. But you can through the international standard of ordinary shoes, or safety shoes EN12568:2010, EN ISO 20345:2004 + AC: 2007 + A1:2007, etc. , do not make any shape classification number, of course, in addition to the code number. Then the security plastic models of concrete and how? Can see a lot of companies do this kind of display, may have a model list, this list in addition to their own models, and the corresponding models of other authorities manufacturers, this should be able to explain the problem. Now that is not described in the standard model, that is only the manufacturer to create the models. New model once been approved, so everyone is based on this model named the same kind of products, such as reverse engineering has been very popular. Safe plastic toe cap model is better to distinguish between various types of shoe size, as long as we understand this principle, naturally good understanding to its source.
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