Safe plastic shoes what are the main features of the head?

by:BEF     2020-07-21
Labor protection articles, it is to point to by production and business operation entities for professionals equipped with, make it from or reduce accident damage in the process of their work and personal protective equipment (ppe) of occupational hazards. Such as: safety helmet, overalls, protective gloves, belts, protective glasses, safety plastic toe cap, such as earplugs and earmuffs. Personal protective equipment (ppe) is the first line of defense to protect workers from harm is the last line of defense. We together to get to know about security main characteristics of plastic shoes head! PC plastic scientific name is polycarbonate, it is a kind of molecular chain containing carbonate base polymer, at the same time, according to the structure of the ester base can be divided into a variety of types such as aliphatic and aromatic, but there are only aromatic polycarbonate to industrialized production, even so, PC plastic still become the fastest growing in the five major engineering plastics plastic. PC plastic is almost close to colorless glass state of amorphous polymers, has good optical property, at the same time has abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance and flame retardancy of the BI level, within the normal temperature have good mechanical properties. Main features are: 1, with high strength and modulus of elasticity, high impact strength and temperature range. 2, high transparency and freedom of dyeing. 3, forming shrinkage rate is low, the size stability is good. 4, good fatigue resistance. 5, and weather resistance. 6, excellent electrical characteristics. 7, tasteless odorless harmless to the human body in line with the health and safety. A, mechanical properties, high strength, fatigue resistance, dimension stability, creep is also small, under the condition of high temperature and rarely have change. B, heat aging: the enhanced temperature index of 120 - UL 140 ℃, outdoor aging for a long time to also is very good. C, solvent resistance, no stress cracking. D, to the water stability, high temperature easy decomposition, under the influence of water use under high temperature and high humidity environment need to be careful. E, and electrical properties. F: molding processability, injection molding, extrusion or general equipment. Through take the necessary security plastic shoes head foot protection can rise, reduce work related injury and the degree and severity of disease, improve the staff's work enthusiasm and improve productivity, and reduce the employee's compensation related cost. Choose the right foot safety protection articles, you first need to understand the use of personnel in the workplace will what are the potential danger, will cause the production of casualties. For example, might slip in the workplace, there will be a heavy fall, is there any electrostatic hazards, if there is a high voltage power supply, etc. Accordingly, should take the corresponding protective equipment.
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