Safe plastic shoes on standard is how to determine the head?

by:BEF     2020-07-25
In outdoor work, remind the workers to keep in mind when working in the safety signs are everywhere in the heart, life only have once, oneself want to cherish life, to protect themselves, to others is not insurance, such reason, believe that said we are to understand, however, in the process of practical operation, in fact, a lot of people don't understand to the safety of precious, also has no real put safety first in the heart, despise, disregard safety is a lot of life, and those who have lost their precious lives. In light industry, because of its particularity, wearing the safety shoes is necessary, it is estimated that standard, the industrial safety shoes is the most important feature is the safe plastic shoes head 20 kg to bear a hard objects from the impact of the 1 m high vertical to the ground, the kinetic energy to absorb the 200 joules. Most contemporary safety shoes also added other security features, develop different categories of products. Including just blank design, prevent foot nails and other sharp objects pierced. Other features include skid resistance forward movement and traction movement back. Sole other safety features include preset minimum antistatic property, temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance to particular fuel and chemicals. Consumer safe plastic shoes head when the choose and buy, should first confirm whether the product manufacturers have issued by the national industrial products production license, safety mark certification, imported goods don't need a production license. Based on this to see if the product has a name and address of manufacturer, production license number, security logo certification number, production date, product standards, product certificate and operation instruction, whether attached to pay special attention to see if there are any more product name, product made and protective performance levels. In addition, marketing firms may be required to produce the products inspection report, and view the validity.
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