Safe plastic shoes head which is more popular among consumers and baotou steel?

by:BEF     2020-07-25
Before always hear old man said, brothers must protect, fingers pain reduction, bone is to stay in bed for one hundred days to good. Are also is not very good at first, then until his feet was hit by a heavy weights, to deeply understand the meaning of this sentence. Also understand why the market would have hit the existence of safe plastic shoes head, usually just smashed so have so pain, for the long-term possibility has smashed the operator of the environment, it is not much protection in place isn't it? Such as carrying heavy objects or loading and unloading material barrel, heavy pipe rolling when touching the feet or accidentally kicked on sharp metal plate, the acid, it don't mention it! So for safety if the selection of the top of the shoe should be good impact resistance, high strength, light weight metal materials for lining, its strength, shock resistance, etc should pass test. Reaches the standard before use. On toe protection, safe plastic toe cap belongs to one of these parts, can effectively protect the toes from external impact or static damage. Shoes head can be divided into the kinds of steel and plastic, glass fiber, head to be set in the safety shoes shoes, have the effect of keeping toes. Steel toe cap, although also can achieve protective role, but relatively bulky is hard, it dressed up for the workers often walk to the burden of your feet is very big, your feet will feel very uncomfortable, and also have a poor permeability, wear the foot is easy to sweat, but also the comfortable foot feeling again decreased. Safe plastic shoes head compared with not only lighter, PC material used to comfort is enhanced. You said you choose safety shoes on the one hand, in order to prevent it, on the one hand, the foot should be comfort? If the security plastic shoes head can make wearing more comfortable, why don't I choose it?
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