Safe plastic shoes head in favor of the travel of the special forces

by:BEF     2020-07-23
Shoes, is to protect your feet, give your feet comfortable feeling. Shoes, is integral collocation add color. To this day, when the shoes have become an indispensable part of our life. In industrial operations, for the special work in the feet can be protected. People developed security in baotou steel made of metal materials, although can well protect the feet, but because of its weight is heavy, shape such as single let security fall, in order to can improve the safety coefficient, launching safety of plastic shoes head in recent years, light in weight and easy to wear. After use is the modified PC plastic raw materials, can effectively overcome the existing technology of safety shoes now head, strong mechanical strength, to protect the wearer toes, suitable for all kinds of safety standards, but also easy to simplify the process, improve production efficiency, etc. What is more important for the special forces, safe plastic toe cap has to facilitate their travel, safety in baotou steel cannot pass the safety inspection of the magnetic field, the activity in the way of change after the material is used, the special forces can pass the security of the special places. Of strong shoes materials company is with the consistent quality of persistence, baotou steel technology, with the steps of scientific structure design concept, dedicated to build up, choose the fabric fused to safety from welded, PC plastic more environmental protection, can improve the out, waste of energy, not the problem such as local strengthening, which produce higher strength of protective shoes with the head. Safety, the safety of the production efficiency, environmental protection plastic shoes head is needed for the industrial future head, also conforms to the top of the shoe industry demand.
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