Oubiao puncture proof cloth can effectively prevent the acid and alkali substances

by:BEF     2020-07-18
Our country belong to the energy consumption of power, all kinds of oil, kerosene, gas usage is high, a lot of people don't know, light industry, thought is very easy, but it's not, 'thought the well is a simple thing, also can earn lots of money'. It is for most people, coal mining staff job evaluation, but see them through underground walk alone has to spend more than three hours, at this point has been a leg soft, panting, not to mention in the underground work more than eight hours, this difficulty cans be imagined. In the process of mining, not only the environment temperature is high, and has a strong radiant heat, make the foot feels hot, the splash to the foot feels scorching fabric surface or fall into the shoes could cause burns, in addition, in the process of operation in contact with the acid and alkali chemicals, foot by acid and alkali burns may occur accident, oubiao puncture proof of base cloth because it is made of high strength polyester long, has not only high strength anti puncture force, but also oil acid and alkali resistant, can make coal mining more secure to mining personnel. Not only that, oubiao puncture proof of the weight of the base cloth is relatively light, but also greatly reduce the weight of the shoes to the wearer's fatigue.
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