Other materials EVA sole material has many incomparable advantages

by:BEF     2020-06-29

EVA sole materials in our daily production and living in a wide range of applications, the specific have: anti-static soles' target='_blank'>EVA soles, high elastic EVA sole, odorless EVA shoes, and so on products, and for our daily life more puzzling is not professional in this field.

what is EVA sole? And the ordinary foam and what's the difference? Why do manufacturers like to use EVA shoe material? The reason lies in the EVA sole material has a lot of other materials incomparable advantages.

EVA soles and ethylene - said Vinyl acetate copolymer material, it is a kind of new environmental protection plastic foam materials. EVA shoe material products generally exquisitely made, with good cushioning, seismic, heat insulation, moistureproof, resistance to chemical corrosion, etc, and non-toxic, non-absorbent surface soft. Stretch toughness than LDPE but feel sticky surface without glue) , white transparent transparent sense and feel similar to PVC membrane is should pay attention to distinguish, EVA foam sole materials has good economic benefit, especially the injection a cross-linking foaming molding and foam molding technology with industrialization continuity, short production cycle can save raw materials, etc.

a, biodegradable: curse or burns will not harm the environment.

2, close to the PVC price: EVA soles price is poisonous PVC is more expensive, but does not contain phthalates of PVC is cheap. Three, the lighter weight:

EVA sole density between 0. 91 to 0. 93, and the PVC is 1. 32.

four, excluding the stink: EVA excluding like ammonia ( 氨) Or other organic odor.

5, does not contain heavy metals: in accordance with relevant international toy regulations ( EN- Part 3 and ASTM - 71 F963) 。

6, do not contain phthalates: suitable for children's toys and won't produce plasticizer release dangerous.

seven, high transparent, soft and toughness: application range is very wide. Eight, super low temperature (

- - - - - - 70C) : suitable for freezing environment.

9, resistance to water, salt and other substances, in large part of the application cases can keep the predictable.

comprehensive the above advantages, I believe everyone to EVA sole advantage of packaging materials have a probably understanding.

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