Originality power plastic runway reshape sports flooring market confidence

by:BEF     2020-07-16
Source: China orts author: li & fung jia jia rise in national fitness sports industry as a national strategy and development under the background of policy is good for sports venues construction industry into the golden period, but & other; Problems throughout the runway &; To make the whole industry in particular material industry suffered a hit. Established in 2017, the alliance for a green campus construction quality, the member enterprise representatives shout out & other; Throughout 321 declaration & industry self-discipline; Expectations, & other; Moral force & throughout; Can play a role in the process of rebirth in the industry. A year later, plastic runway reshape industry dignity topic continues. Recently, China's green campus construction quality peak BBS, held in Shanghai in the BBS about green, environmental protection, quality, moral and originality topic discussed profoundly, also show the future trend of the development of industry and enterprise's lasting survival. “ Let moral return to the market, with originality casting quality. ” This BBS the originator, bayi town, chairman of the bum then asked qiu emphasized the & other; Moral & throughout; In importance in the development of industry. “ Trying to cross the moral bottom line results proved himself, loss of integrity of the world will be no way out. This is also why the peak BBS put forward & lsquo; Let moral regression market & rsquo; The reason why. ” Bum then asked qiu said, & other; Hope that all the entrepreneurs, industry in line with the attitude of socially responsible, serious about integrity and ethical issues, trying to form enterprise good commercial atmosphere of integrity. ” School of environment, tsinghua university professor zhang assured righteousness, says the re-emergence of the industry, not just rely on the moral. “ Plastic runway the pain of the industry, from the lack of ethics and standards, more in need of laws and regulations of management and specifications. ” Zhang assured just keen to point out that the present sports flooring industry many practitioners to the chemical safety of scientific knowledge is not sound, lack of basic scientific literacy, industry research strength is very weak, & other; A lot of enterprise does not have its own r&d team and monitoring facilities, and even don't know why will lead to toxic substances. ” He suggests that enterprises should unite and help colleges and universities and research institutions of scientific research, basic research work at the same time use the government forces development industry, through the combination of production, use, solve the ills of the industry. , vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, hefei institute of engineering, China university of science and technology vice President hai-he jiang, plastic runway industry is facing a quality revolution, and the only way to realize the quality revolution, the spirit of the craftsman. National building materials test center, national building materials quality inspection center, deputy director of Guo Zhongbao said, green environmental protection plastic runway can guarantee the health and safety of all, while durability can greatly save social costs. Taishan sports industry group co. , LTD. Taishan sports director, shenzhen science and technology co. , LTD. , chairman of BianZhiYong also emphasized the importance of quality for the industry development, he & other; Quality is the enterprise built to last. ” “ Everything with users feelings first & hellip; … Efforts to provide quality, green campus and sports venues, environmental protection plastic runway products & hellip; … Strengthen technology upgrades and operation, to achieve the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of sports facilities industry try my best. ” “ Throughout 321 declaration & industry self-discipline; The first anniversary of the birth, sports flooring industry are awakening, and rebirth.
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