Operators must wear labor insurance shoes mount guard

by:BEF     2020-11-29
Welders must wear good clothes, good insulation labor insurance shoes, wear protective glasses to mount guard operation. According to the shanxi evening news before & other; SanJin security line & throughout; News reports, safety personnel in yangquan some industry &trade co. , LTD. , found in the process of inspection, three welders did not wear shoes with electrical insulation by the regulation and post operation. Reporter with inspectors into the company, the production workshop on the ground, did not draw the line. In the welding work area, three workers are welding machine for welding. “ Have the special operations personnel operating certificate welders to mount guard, have you participated in training, have no the operation certificate? ” Inspectors ask one of the welders. “ 'Operating card' I have a copy of the original kept by the factory security officer. ” The workers said. Inspectors found that three welders are not according to the labor protection provisions of the state, wear insulated shoes. “ Company once every two years will send welder insulated shoes, the company has four welders, these people, really should wear insulated shoes. ” Learned that the inspectors to factory, the factory security deputy manager, ran to the shop from the office. “ The workers may be too hot, wear casual shoes. ” Said the deputy manager, back in the office, the welder 'operating card' to find out. “ Company how many staff, have set up worker health records? Electrician, crane operator, welder to these special operations personnel, have set up special operations personnel management files? ” Faced with these issues, he admits that the two files at present has not been established, the worker physical examination, special operations personnel to rush, regularly take part in the department of work safety training, training before the company will arrange the medical workers. Other jobs worker, now also can't arrange for medical. To find hidden trouble, the company will immediately corrected. For the insulation shoes mentioned in the article, it is to use insulation material made of a kind of safety shoes. Welders belongs to the special operations personnel should wear insulated shoes to work. In reality, knowing that some of the workers, the illegal operation is wrong, but in the fluke mind, always think before it did not occur accident or dangerous, now wouldn't be an accident or dangerous, so casual, convenience, make do to cope with. Used illegal operation, easy to cause the accident, also hurt yourself. To do not hurt yourself, will be carried out in accordance with the safety operation procedures to operation.
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