Often walk on the edge of the beach, which have not cut feet of truth?

by:BEF     2020-07-25
Points the rustling autumn festival, cold, sunny day with some of the breeze, plus around seafood also started slowly into a harvest. A lot of friends all have started planning for the National Day travel trip. So how can live up to good weather and delicious seafood? Is, of course, all the way towards a set out to the sea. It doesn't, Chen and zhang intends to and everyone to group travel, together with your colleagues came to the west side of the first bathing beach, a dip when all people in the equipment, prepare tinkling holding hands at the sea of time, but tragedy happened. Listen to zhang a scream, while waiting for the guys to react to his right foot just like bleed profusely, a sharp oysters shell drew on a big hole, see the meat to the hospital had 8 stitches inside in order to be finished, after the 'pain', everyone has the experience, if we had to cut the shoes the shoes wear, isn't it? Is really regret! In fact actually early 05 October happened, but more dangerous than this. A pair of husband and wife by the side of the pier on the east side of the rock digging the seashells. Wearing shoes Ms. Lee obviously can't adapt the slippery rocks, a careless slip, instep was a piece of sharp shell oysters to cut, the blood pouring from the instep. Family family immediately call 120 for help immediately, paramedics arrived at the scene, through inspection, medical researchers found that oysters skin just cut Ms. Lee left foot an artery blood vessels, if the delay time of uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock may arise again. May prevent cut pair of shoes the shoes can bring a little burden for our trip, but at the critical moment, it is also able to protect us to protect their feet. Another before launching to remember next time don't thinks a run to the sea, the sea in addition to the delicious seafood, but also some some beer cap, scales, sharp stones, etc. , should walk slowly lift to move forward, try to control the front with a sharp object, try not to step on the some aquatic plants where these places are slippery.
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